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WA 6th Congressional District

Better Together

Born and raised in Washington’s 6th Congressional District, Emily Randall stands as a true representation of the district’s core values. As the daughter of a Shipyard worker and a paraeducator, she has a deep connection to the working-class families in the area.

Emily’s educational journey, beginning at South Kitsap High School and leading her to become the first in her family to attend a four-year college, speaks to her commitment to accessible education.

Her vision involves focusing on aligning education with the local economy’s needs, advocating for affordable education, apprenticeship opportunities, and job training programs.

My story is just like the stories of my neighbors. We’ve all worked hard to cover the rising costs of healthcare, housing, groceries, and gas. I’m running for Congress because this is the best way I can give back and get results for the community that has given me so much – Senator Emily Randall

My Story

Healthcare advocacy is central to Emily’s career, inspired by personal experiences within her family. Her sister Olivia’s life, marked by severe disabilities but enriched by accessible healthcare, underscored the importance of healthcare availability for Emily. This background fuels her dedication to affordable healthcare, particularly for vulnerable groups such as women, children, and the LGBTQ community. Her understanding of healthcare challenges is deeply personal, making her a passionate advocate for robust healthcare solutions in the district.

Emily’s campaign for a seat in Congress is rooted in a desire to give back to the community that shaped her. Her approach goes beyond partisan politics, focusing on developing practical, people-first policies that address the diverse needs of the 6th Congressional District.

Emily’s candidacy is a commitment to serving and enhancing a community she deeply cherishes. Her promise is to prioritize the well-being of her constituents, ensuring that their voices and needs are at the forefront of the legislative agenda in Washington, DC.


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Together for a Better Washington

As a candidate born and raised in our community, I understand our needs and this campaign is our collective fight for a better future. Your donation is crucial—it’s an investment in our home and our vision. Every contribution amplifies our voice and brings us closer to positive change where it matters most.