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Emily Randall reaches grassroots fundraising milestone and pledges to refuse corporate PAC money

“I’m proud to announce that our campaign has reached a milestone: we’ve raised over $50,000 from over 684 individual contributions. Ours is a people-powered campaign, and today I am pledging to refuse corporate PAC money and calling on outside groups to make this campaign about the issues – not negative personal attacks and partisan politics.” – Emily Randall

Emily Randall, candidate for State Senate in Washington’s 26th Legislative District, announced today that she has raised over $50,000 from and is pledging to refuse corporate PAC money.    

“Our campaign is powered by small-dollar, grassroots donations. We’ve raised over $50,000 donors with an average donation of $73. This tells me that my community is invested in this race.”

This is in contrast with Randall’s opponent, Republican State Senator Jan Angel, who has received hundreds of thousands in corporate PAC and lobbyist donations over the past 10 years in the legislature.

“Big money interests have way too much power in our government. We know that this is an issue. Big, wealthy corporations don’t spend money on campaigns for no reason – they spend to elect legislators like Jan Angel who will put their corporate profits first, not to help hardworking families get ahead. My campaign is dedicated to putting people first, which is why I’m pledging to refuse for-profit corporate PAC donations and calling on my opponent to do the same.”

Randall continued, “I believe candidates have a responsibility to improve our elections and to send a message about the kind of politics we want to see in our community. I’m making this pledge as a first step toward building greater transparency and accountability in our elections – and to build a more trusting relationship with the voters I seek to serve.”

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